Elaine Paul

Chief Financial Officer, Strategy & Business Development
Career & Background
Elaine Paul is the Chief Financial Officer, Strategy & Business Development where she works alongside Hulu CEO Randy Freer to map out and achieve Hulu’s trajectory of growth.
Elaine’s role as CFO has an emphasis on strategy. She leads a team of over 100 that drives the complete strategy of Hulu’s business. Her team plays an instrumental role in driving growth for Hulu while doing it in an efficient manner within the financial landscape. As a member of the Hulu executive team, her role includes a scope of work that goes beyond just finance and strategy. She is very data-driven and uses her background in economics to inform Hulu’s investments in all avenues of the company: content, advertising, marketing and the user experience. Elaine guides and encourages her team to marry the insight from financials with a wealth of Hulu user data to supercharge growth for the company overall.
Prior to joining Hulu, Elaine served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at the Walt Disney Company, where she led various acquisitions, new business initiatives, and strategic investments, including Disney’s original investment in Hulu in 2009. In addition to her tenure in Corporate Strategy, she previously served as Vice President, Business Development for the Walt Disney Internet Group, where she led a team responsible for developing strategic partnerships and worked to enhance and monetize the online assets of the company. Elaine also worked on various M&A, strategy, and growth initiatives, including Disney’s investment in Hulu and the merger of Disney-owned joint ventures A&E and Lifetime. Prior to her time at Disney, Elaine worked as an Associate at McKinsey & Company and a Financial Analyst at Morgan Stanley & Company. Elaine holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a degree in Economics from Stanford University.
Elaine has served at Hulu’s CFO during the most pivotal business developments and moments of growth for the company. Under her leadership and guidance, Elaine helped lead Hulu’s strategy during a time of great change in the video industry and over-the-top video. Her and her team oversaw significant double-digit subscriber and topline growth for the company. 
Over the past few years at Hulu, Elaine has led numerous business developments for Hulu, including:
- A new investment from Time Warner. 
- The launch of a new livestreaming service. Hulu’s a new livestreaming option is on track to becoming the new industry standard for streaming within the media landscape. Elaine is instrumental to the success and development of this new platform. The new service – which will complement Hulu’s existing SVOD service -- will deliver content and advertising to consumers in a one-to-one fashion. It will feature a breakthrough UI that will make the TV experience more personal than ever.
- Content. Hulu is signing groundbreaking content deals. Our expansive library now includes strategic output deals with major network brands such as FX, AMC and Turner; and, we have secured the exclusive subscription streaming rights to some of the biggest television hits from the past and present. We have also premiered a new lineup of premium originals to critical acclaim and secured our first-ever Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. Elaine and her team are crucial in the decision-making process of what content Hulu licenses and greenlights. She oversees our strategy on the content side from a financial and data-driven viewpoint that helps bring some of the most desired programming to Hulu subscribers.
Additional career milestones include:
• Led the establishment of Hulu's strategic advanced analytics group 
• Led Disney's initial investment in Hulu in 2013
• Established Disney's position in India through $800 mil transaction to acquire India multimedia conglomerate UTV, and taking publicly traded company UTV private
• Led the merger of A&E and lifetime 
Lastly, it is important to note that Elaine was the first (and only to date) female SVP of Corporate Strategy and Development at the Walt Disney Company.
Outside organizations / Community Involvement
Former positions: ( all former, none currently) 
• Board of Directors, Starlight Foundation
• Vestry (board) member, St. Matthews Episcopal Parish, and Vestry Representative to St. Matthews Parish School Board of Directors, Pacific Palisades
• Various leadership positions in St. Matthews Parish School Parents' Council
• Co-President, Stanford Club of West Los Angeles
• Fundraiser, Stanford University and Harvard business school